Best Gaming Setup For Hardcore Pro-Gaming!

Best Gaming Setup For Hardcore Pro-Gaming!

As a hardcore gamer, you probably go through a lot of trouble with setting up a gaming setup that is just right for you. The centerpiece of a great gaming setup is always the console of choice and a great gaming pc. however, you need a few more accessories, to ensure that you are getting the ultimate gaming experience off of your games. Many gaming companies have come up with the gaming products that they are selling. each of them claims to be producing the best gaming chairs, gaming headsets that there is, and many more products. Here is a list of gaming accessories that every hardcore pro-gamer should have.

1. Gaming headphones

Every avid pro-gamer needs to invest in a pair of great gaming headphones. This is to ensure that you and your teammates have excellent communication, and you can hear commands well. The sound from great quality earphones is also in itself, high-quality sound. It is quite frustrating when you are trying to initiate communication in the middle of the game with your teammates, but you cannot get the message out because of low quality headphone which has a low quality microphone too. At times you even fail to hear commands through low quality headphones. High-quality headphones which possess qualities such as; great wiring and cross-console compatibility among others, should be points to consider when you are getting good gaming headphone sets.

2. Extra controller

Local games with multiple players have their own merits, although solo gaming is also a fun and great experience. Even if you are not a gamer who takes part in local multiplayer gaming, you need to pick up another controller for when you are playing with your friends. The second controller can be synced into the computer you use for gaming, and it will work well this way.


3. A console –friendly backpack

If you are a hardcore gamer who is regularly taking his console to his friends’ or outside gaming, then you need a console-friendly backpack. Getting a pack which has: a compartment which can comfortably fit your console, compartments where you can place your controllers, and finally, one that is lightweight is essential. The backpack should also be simple so that it doesn’t scream hardcore gamer, to not attract the wrong attention from the wrong crowd.

4. A 4K television

The latest consoles such as the latest PS4 and the Xbox One versions, support the 4K media playback or 4K gaming. This means it is highly advisable for you to get a great, new 4K TV. You should consider a 4K TV which has a set of high-quality full features.  The High Dynamic Range provided by a 4K TV makes all the difference when you are playing your games. The great graphics make the whole experience much more mind-blowing. This is a significant investment and addition to your gaming setup if you are a hardcore pro-gamer.

5. Surround sound system

A surround system may not be having as much of an impact like some other accessories, but it is altogether essential. A great surround sound system ensures that you access high-quality sound while you are gaming. A good surround sound system should also not take up too much space, and it should be well priced. A surround sound system is much better than the sound provided by TV speakers.

6. External hard drive

Games have evolved and become more expansive than before. Technically games also have advanced.  This has, however, come with games occupying large amounts of storage space. You may not want to open up your console to replace your console’s internal memory, and therefore you can get an external hard drive. You should ensure that it has an ample storage space such that you can play without being interrupted by insufficient storage space.

7. Controller charging station

The feeling of frustration that you get from going to play your game after a long tiring day, and finding your controllers dead, is extremely disheartening. You may forget to charge your controllers after having a gaming marathon or getting distracted in the middle of charging one. You should, therefore, invest in a good charging system for your controllers to avoid running into such problems.

8. A good gaming chair

A good high-performance ergonomic chair is essential for every hardcore gamer. Standard chairs may cause you to discomfort after a long gaming session. However, gaming chairs such as the Arozzi Chair, ensure extreme comfort throughout your gaming session, whether it be extended, or short.

Such essential accessories should be on the list of every hardcore pro-gamer who wants to experience gaming at another level.

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